[Patch Notes] Stable Update 1.0150627

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[Patch Notes] Stable Update 1.0150627

Post by Faz » Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:06 pm

Hello Survivors, we have a new Stable Update incoming, providing hotfixes to the recent 1.01 Update. This Stable update will update the server files as well. Patchnotes FIXED
  • Fixed: Server crash caused by a bear trap
  • Fixed: Client error pops up upon inventory manipulation while sitting in a vehicle
  • Fixed: Client error while using the rangefinder
  • Fixed: Zombies can run through the closed doors of a garage
  • Fixed: Players are not able to see their own chat messages
  • Fixed: It is not possible to drink from ponds
  • Fixed: Leaving ladders on the half-way platform can create a stuck character - reported by T136605
  • Fixed: Ruined improvised suppressors still suppress the fire
  • Fixed: Car battery attached to Zenit broadcaster becomes invisible after reconnect
  • Fixed: Sorting symbols can be reversed (server browser)
  • Fixed: Removed the cause of the game minimizing when using volume keys on a keyboard and similar issues
  • Fixed: Server browser updates when loading and sorting the servers
  • Fixed: Incorrect display of server time when the server is running in winter months
  • Fixed: Filtering actions now have a throbber
  • Fixed: Server browser now continues refreshing if no server is found
  • Fixed: Character name should be displayed properly
  • Fixed: Progress statistic should be displayed properly
  • Tweaked: Improved server performance (shooting sound effects are not performed on a server)
  • Tweaked: Inventory performance updates (in general, and in specific situations such as opening the inventory with multiple items in vicinity)
  • Tweaked: Long torch now uses pipe attack animations
  • Tweaked: Visuals of the server browser

Source: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/243364-st ... -10150627/

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